Changeable Text Colors

The name of this says it all. For those that have difficulty distinguishing between colors, often referred to as color deficiency, the ability to change the color of text associated with a particular function improves overall gameplay. Note that color deficiency differs from color blindness. Color-deficient people can still see a certain color, but they cannot distinguish shades of the color, red vs maroon, or lime green vs dark green.

Often found in MMORPGs, various colors are used to indicate what type of input is being received. Green is often used for guild conversations, white is often used for local communications, light colors of pink or purple are used to indicate private message, whereas red is often used to indicate combat or enemies. This range of color usage can be challenging to players with color deficiency or color blindness.

World of Warcraft does not allow the user to change the color of any text input, but through the use of modifications, gamers can make the colors more distinguishable from one another.

In SWTOR, text colors can be defined by the individual gamer, and this enables those with any color blindness or color deficiency to interpret the data the game is telling them more easily.

It may seem like something that is relatively simple, but for those that need the option, it’s important to have. After years of development, many colors have become standardized as meaning certain things (i.e. green is almost always used for the guild chat), which is exactly why allowing colorblind or color deficient users to change colors to what is more comfortable for them is so important. As an industry, games have realized the importance of separating information based on color for easy dissemination. Therefore, it is important for those who need to alter colors to the spectrum they can see is also important. Remember this: 1 out of every 7 men are color deficient.


A woman with a strong color deficiency has trouble interpreting chats in her favorite 

MMORPG because the color of her guild chat is green, her group chat is a very light purple and her instant message (whispers) are pink. If the game incorporated the ability to change the colors of any text to something she could see more easily it would improve the quality of her gaming experience.