High-contrast Target Reticle

For First Person Shooters, it is extremely important that the target reticle uses colors that are easy to distinguish from the other environmental elements in the game. In situations where both the enemy and reticle are red, the user is unable to identify between the target and the sight, leaving no way to tell where the actual target is aiming. 

In Max Payne 3, Rockstar enabled an option that allows the end user to choose from coloring the target reticle red, white or blue. The color differential is important to the user with color deficiency. This is particularly true when the point of the game is to test accuracy and reflex actions.

The easiest solution is to change the target reticle to blue or white.


A man loads a new shooter game that just came out on the market. While the company did a good job by not making the enemies highlighted red and allies as green, the target crosshairs are still green making the environment of an open field a nightmare for him to see the difference between where the target begins and grass ends.