Map Recoloring Options / Alternative Views

The next logical progression from the colorblind options laid out in level one, is giving users the option to recolor the ‘mini map’ or other ‘situational awareness’ screens and tactical maps away from the traditional red and green to alternative colors such as blue and orange. This allows those with color deficiencies to make better use of the interface.

Demigod from Stardock uses a mini-map that is imperative for gameplay, yet cannot be altered. For users with red/green color deficiency the game is extremely difficult to play without such vital information at a glance.

While not an ideal implementation, World of Warcraft allows mini-map modifications to be done via scripting that enables variations on the shape, color and size of the mini-map.

Allowing the gamer to find a color scheme that best suits their visual needs is the best possible solution in this scenario.


A man who has monochromatic color deficiency can’t see the difference between red and green. His favorite MMO has a mini-map that displays both enemy and allied movement. Unfortunately, the mini map can only be displayed in green and red, so everything looks the same to this man, and the battle lines are a mess of misinformation.